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Lisa Msaon Great Britain Gymnast. Lisa Elena Jane Mason (born 26 February 1982 in Aylesbury, England) is a British gymnast who trained at Huntingdon Gym Club, starting at the age of five, and competed at both domestic and international level.<br />
She has represented her country at both the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games where at the 1998 Commonwealth Games she won two Gold medals. On the domestic scene, she has been a British Gymnastic Champion on three occasions, her first title being won at the age of 14.<br />
Lisa had a lot of 'first British' titles, for example, she was the first British gymnast to ever win Gold at a Grand Prix event. In 1998 she won the Cottbus floor title ahead of Russia's Yelena Produnova, and in Tianjin she earned the highest ever placing in the All-Around for a British Gymnast in the World Championships, 14th.